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Pazhaveedu medical care is a qualified complete family clinic located in Pazhaveedu, Alappey with a core team of 30 quality-minded employees possessing proven scientific and clinical laboratory experience. Our diagnostics laboratory is futuristic laboratory specialised in (Molecular) diagnostic testing and diagnostic assay development. Also our laboratory is capable to perform advanced (Molecular) diagnostic tests on behalf of pharmaceutical companies and clinical laboratories and within the complex framework of preclinical studies and phase II – IV clinical trials. We design, develop and validate novel diagnostic assays that can be tailor-made various diagnostic purposes. We offer state-of-the-art diagnostic services to its customers, and provides flexible, creative, and cost-effective advanced diagnostic solutions. . PMC Lab is recognized by pharmaceutical companies, hospitals, diagnostic laboratories and key opinion leaders as a top quality diagnostic service and development company and as a reliable business partner providing superior service.

Our Mission

Using PMC Diagnostics gives you :

  • The best available diagnostic test. Reference tests are performed for both disease diagnosis. Number of specialist laboratories may always perform to the same with high standards.
  • Expert interpretation on all test results. As a specialist infectious disease laboratory we can guide you through sensitivities, specificities and predictive values of test results and make sure that you get the most from our services.
  • Fast and efficient service. Diagnostic testing for almost all disease is our job and our passion. We rely on our customers for all our income. Meeting our commitments for test schedules and reporting time from sample receipt to result delivery receives absolute priority within our laboratory.
  • The best prices. Our diagnostic skills and efficient testing allow us to offer assays at a significant discount to less specialist laboratories without compromising quality.

  • Diagnostic weekly test schedules can be downloaded from our website through online patient portal.

  • PMC Diagnostics - Get the Right Result!
  • The Notion

    We believe in providing quality services to our customers. By providing world class medical care for our customers we are constantly innovating our techniques and evolving to excellence in medical care.


    The PMC is a fast growing healthcare organisation that delivers quality services and world class medical care. Our home care services is helping those patients who are incapable to visit our premises during the course period. Presently, we deliver our services in 5 different locations in Alappey district for the last 3 years. We are emerging with 5 more specialised and technically sound health centres in coming years. We Offer patients and families a hope. We challenge our patients and ourselves to achieve. In short, we strive towards for an excellence in wellness and making recovery a reality.


    Our mission is to provide affordable, efficient and timely medical healthcare resources to our patients, using expertised medical supports in a clean and hygienic environment. With the support of our highly qualified team of doctors, we are evolving towards excellence in healthcare sector.